6.8 miles RT
Elevation gain: 200 feet

The Chiwawa Loop trail is a wonderful and easy meander through managed forest land that lies between the Chiwawa Loop Road and Fish Lake. The drawback, however, is that a lot of snowmobiles use this trail to access other trails. So you either have to obey ASS Rule #1, or get lucky.

The first thing to note about this trip is that, despite its name, the loop part frequently is not groomed. Head right from the Sno-Park onto Route 1B, and continue (straight) onto Route 5. The way continues up and down rolling hills until, at 3.4 miles, it spits out onto Chiwawa Loop Road near Chiwawa River Pines. This is a good spot to turn around and return to the Sno-Park.

Variation #1: If you feel adventurous you can cross Chiwawa Loop Road and find your way onto the See and Ski trail that is groomed for skiers only by Lake Wenatchee State Park. To do so, head generally west (skier's right) on whatever tracks you can find after crossing the road.

Variation #2: You also can stomp (it's easier with your skis off) a couple hundred feet to skier's right immediately before crossing Chiwawa Loop Road, to access the Squirrel Run and Flying Loop ski trails. Sometimes someone grooms these trails, but even then it can be an adventure on skate skis. But it is Adventure Skate Skiing, afterall.

Variation #3: Soon after leaving the Sno-Park, Route 1B turns to the right. This continues almost 2 miles, up and over a big hill, until it spits out onto the Chiwawa River Road (i.e, the road you drove up to reach the Sno-Park). You can turn around, or cross the road and onto Route 1A, continuing back to the car via the Fish Lake Tour route (ASS trip #4). Going this way turns this trip into an actual loop!

Chiwawa Loop: Egad, EVERY trail in this system is gorgeous
... even the ones that get hit by a lot of snowmobile traffic (like this one and the Fish Lake route)

Cruising along Chiwawa Loop on a snowy day...

Foggy morning along Variation #3