Trail Grunt Factor
(1=Sleepwalk; 5=Major Grunt)
Thrill Factor
(1=Well, ok; 5=Kick-ASS!)
Easy Meadow Creek Campground 1 2 Good for beginners
Goose Creek Campground 1 2 Shorter, with a a medium-sized hill after crossing the Chiwawa River
Jackoff Rocks 2 2 The first few miles toward Trinity – a useful workout if there was no grooming done
Fish Lake tour 1.5 2 Can get hit hard by snowmobile traffic
Chiwawa Loop 2 2 The first half mile is a good introduction for new skiers and kids
Intermediate Valeria Way 3 3.5 Valeria Way (which is the back side of this loop) is enchanted
Jarrad's Loop 3 3 Cool return on Valeria's Way Too
Brush Creek 3 3 Fun, fun, fun.
Alder Ridge 3 4 A mini version of Pole Ridge: grunt up, have fun coming back
Advanced Pole Ridge 5 5 The quintessential ASS trip
Meadow Creek Full Tour 5 4 Seems harder than it should be, but is quiet
Faultline 5 4.5 Slightly longer than Meadow Creek Full Tour, but seemingly easier
Trinity 5+ 4 Kick and glide to Nirvana
Beaver Creek/Deer Camp Loop 4 4 Trail needs good snow cover to be good; Lots of snowmobiles on weekends, so remember ASS Rule #1
French Corral 5+ 4 Lots of work; do this if you want bragging rights.