The Fish Lake Snow Park is the gateway to 185 miles (that's 296 kilometers) of groomed snowmobile trails, aka, ASS Trails. Valley bottoms, ridge climbs, and screaming downhill runs –– there is something for everyone. You can take a whole season or two to explore all the loops, nooks, and crannies in this system. Here are some starter ideas. Whatever your destination, the main idea is to go as little or as far as you like. Work on your skating technique, burn out some carbon with a kick-ass workout, or just meander and ponder the wonders of a quiet winter morning. Whatever, just keep ASS Rule #1 in mind.

Route numbers in the descriptions to the left refer to trail numbers that are marked with signs on the trails. You can check out a map of the whole system and get daily grooming reports at this site.

ASS Trail Summary –– provides a quick guide to the 15 trails listed to the left.

Please click on any trail to the left for a summary and images.


Soaking up the views along the Meadow Creek Full Tour – trip #11 (photo courtesy of Rob Whitten).