6.6 miles RT
Elevation gain: 300 feet out, 100 feet back

My first ASS ski ever –– before I knew what ASS is, or even the name of this destination (I don't want to know the source of this name) –– was to Jackoff Rocks. The rocks are some large boulders placed to stabilize a high cut bank on the right side of the trail. From the Sno-park head straight north toward Trinity (what the Forest Service calls Route 2) for 1.1 mile. At the intersection (what the Forest Service calls “Junction C), bear left along Route 2A. Stay on this trail as it winds up a long hill, avoiding the possible turns to the right, until you crest the top of the hill at 3.3 miles from the Sno-park. The namesake rocks are on your right, and the Chiwawa River Valley drops down on your left. Across the valley are the forests, and clear-cuts, of Pole Ridge (see Trip #10).

On a clear day in late winter (say February), the morning sun lights up the valley below and creeps up to Jackoff Rocks –– a good place to enjoy your snack before retracing your tracks back to the car.

Jackoff Rocks. Hard to tell from this picture, but this place usually is bathed in sunlight.

View from the turnaround spot