Adventure Skate Skiing is skate skiing in non-traditional areas. This includes skiing on snowmobile tracks or through open meadows where the wind and cold often set up a nice layer of crust on old snow. Golf courses sometimes offer good ASS conditions. But the best ASS skiing is on groomed snowmobile trails before the snowmobiles mess up the trails.

I live in Washington State, where the U.S. Forest Service and the State of Washington spend about a gazillion dollars each year to groom hundreds of miles of perfect corduroy track all over the state. These tracks are skiing heaven: lonely, quiet, and winding through God's country. After getting some ASS you will have a hard time being satisfied with the relatively paltry trails that otherwise are available to skate skiers.

There are several well-groomed snowmobile havens in Washington State. This guide focuses on the Lake Wenatchee/Entiat area, which you can access via snowpark areas near Fish Lake, Van Creek, or Mad Creek (up the Entiat Valley Road). If there is sufficient demand, I will post guides to ASS skiing opportunities in the Snoqualmie Pass and Nachez areas. (In general: Snoqualmie = bad, too many snowmobiles; Nachez = good.)

See the Trail Guide to see what you are in for if you try some ASS.

Hoarfrost and Meadow Creek (along Jarrad's Loop - Trip #7)